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With The Professional DJ we have already provided albums full of songs, soundbites, medleys and mixes customized for family reunions and parties of the most diverse scope for thirty years. On this site you can find hundreds ambiance songs a dj surely can fill his dancefloor with. Even today people like to have fun while they dance to the chachacha, the hucklebuck, the rock-‘n-roll, the tango or the twist. Under the auspices of producer Christoff Wybouw singers and musicians therefore made edits of the songs, faithful to the original versions, but also striving for a contemporary sound which feels timeless. Moreover, all these different tunes are kind of weld together, in such a way everything fluently overlaps.
In The Professional Dj-series there are already sixty cd’s and twenty downloadable albums available on which you can discover the most different styles of music. You can download and stream these albums in a hundred countries.

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